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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Muslim Film Idea at the Masjid - scene pictures & outline

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem,

Outline & Scene Pictures

I recently found out that I will need permission slips for the 18 & under students to be in the film. I sent a summary of the film to the Admin's at the Masjid so InshAllah he will be helping me get the approvals from the parents. Since classes are only on Sundays, it means that the fastest he can get the slips to the parents is by this Sunday (April 30th) and the soonest I will get the slips signed and returned is May 7th InshAllah. There is a fund raising dinner on the 21st and there is a carnival at the Masjid on 28th. This leaves me with only the 7th and the 14th to film. Knowing that the attention span of teenagers is like 10 seconds, I'm not sure if the group will be committed in coming two Sundays. If yes, it would be great. If not, I have to be prepared. So the more prepared I am, the smoother the filming process with go InshAllah.

The goal is to have the first draft of the script completed by Friday so I can go to the Masjid on Saturday or Sunday make a “picture storyboard”. A storyboard is basically a visual script showing the camera angles for the dialogue. Because of the whole issue of "drawing people" in Islam, I had to alter the traditional way of Hollywood sketching for the storyboard. The solution I came up with to take pictures instead of drawing them. Therefore, when once I have the draft of the script in my hand, I can go to the local Masjid with my digital camera and walk through the movie and take pictures of the camera angles I will be using (in order InshAllah). Something like this:

By the following friday, the final draft of the script should be complete (and it shouldn't effect the storyboard screenshots InshAllah) maybe just some lines (if that). With only 4 to 5 hours to film the entire film, I had to come up with some crazy idea. We have 5 hours to film (2pm to 7pm), 1 Sunday to do it (maybe 2 Sundays), and a budget of $0. Jumping through permission slip hoops and whatever other obstacle that may be keeping up is making this much more challenging than I first imagine.

The following is not the script or storyboard of the upcoming film but rather is just an outline with scene descriptions. So far, I have a group of volunteers within the youth group that would like to be in the film and for each person volunteered, I have made a role for them in the film. The outline is basically notes (may not be easy to read) of a visual sequence of events to refer to when writing the script. I went to the Masjid and took various pictures of the Masjid. I wrote out the general things that will happen in each scene and associated one picture per scene. This way, we'll know where we will be shooting the next scene.

Here is the Outline
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