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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Season 2 - The Reminder - Starts November 3rd 2006

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem,


The goal is start Season 2 of The Reminder on November 3rd 2006 InshAllah. Just like Season 1, I want to talk about issues that are not often discussed but are relevant. I plan to do a total of 8 episodes and to cover issues like:

Women in Islam, The Ummah is Growing (i mean g-r-o-w-i-n-g...eating!), Arrogant People, and many other topics. I have written any of them yet but I have been jotting down the eight episodes topics that I want to do.

All the videos are based on my opinion. They are not just reminders for the viewers but for me as well. If I do discuss a topic that has been heard before, like Women in Islam, I hope to talk about it in a different way InshAllah. My whole angle with The Reminder series was to bring up issues that needed to be discussed but for one reason or another it's ignored. A good example is a Masjid who is funded mostly by Muslims who deal with Riba. There is a strong possability that the next Khutbah won't be about Riba (unfortunately).

Allah gives and forgives.
Man gets and forgets.

I hope the Reminder series reminds both you and I InshAllah and helps us do more good deeds and stay away from the unislamic actions. I will never make fun of Islam or any acts of ibadah (worship). I have seen other Islamic videos which do that (made by Muslims) and its really pathetic. But I will point out the silly unislamic things we do to bring attention to it so we think twice before we do it again InshAllah. I am no better than anyone else and once again, I "remind" myself before I remind anyone else.

I apologize if I have not responded to your email. I have been responding to more and more these days and I'm down to about 88. I hope to catch up soon InshAllah but its not easy. Some emails have a lot of questions so they take longer to answer to. I have been busy with Muslim Games. Mecca to Medina (the game I invented) did very well last month so that has been keeping busy as well. But the majority of my free time has been taken up family stuff but I hope my schedule will open up more after Ramadan InshAllah.
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