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Monday, May 15, 2006

No Filming - Reminds you of the Groundhog's Day movie

Bismillah ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem,

Last week about 8 (of the 19 cast members) showed up for the shooting. This week, we had even less people show up. I was told that since it was Mother's Day, a Birthday Party going on, etc...that most people were busy. Thus, instead of putting band-aids on a dead body, we decided to cancel filming and have a meeting to figure out what our next practice project would be.

We had brainstorming session and we decided on making a few commercial style clips. Until now, all our clips look like they are taken from a middle of a bigger project but in reality those clips have no before or after scenes. They were just random clips we filmed to practice filming techniques. The nice thing about commercials is that they are short and suite, and most importantly something that is complete. The goal is to record each commercial in a day. Brother Hootan has volunteered write and direct the commercial for the glow in the dark Muslim Wristband while Sister Aurelia has volunteered to write and direct the second commercial, which will be for Mecca to Medina game. Although this sounds like a page out of the Apprentice TV show, its not a competition at all. We're all on the same team and those involved in the first commercial is most likely going to be involved in the second. The group decided that it would be good to have two storylines started at the same time so we won't have downtime between filming days (like we do right now). The idea is to learn film techniques by doing these practice projects InshAllah.

The goal is to have the storylines completed by the end of this week. InshAllah, we can film shortly afterwards.
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